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What is Dirty Perv Week?

For those of you that do not know, there is actually a very deep meaning behind Dirty Perv Week. Your founders Jason and Heather have been traveling to Hedonism as hosts and guests since 2007. They have gone to Hedo every Oct/Nov not because of the party, but because of the relationships they have built over the years. Hedonism became so special to them they decided to get married there on 11/11/11. Their goal was that for the rest of their lives their closest friends would always be able to celebrate their anniversary at the place they all met. 

In 2014 they found out that their group was no longer going to be going to Hedo on 11/11, their anniversary. After looking at other groups Jason and Heather talked to all of their closest they friends and they all made a unanimous decision, "let's start our own week!" We are happy to say that Nov 2015 was the first ever Dirty Perv Week and it has quickly turned into one of the biggest weeks Hedo has to offer. Once they started planning and talking to people they found out that several friends would go numerous times per year, so now you can go to Dirty Perv Week in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Although Dirty Perv Week is a party, I think you should know now that it is much more than a party. This week is about friendship and more importantly family. Just look at the merchandise store, all the t-shirts come from special or shall we say "funny" moments that happen during our week. The products are created because the Dirty Pervs have asked for them and this shows the very core of what Dirty Perv Week is all about. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully it may help you decide if being a part of the Dirty Perv Family is important to you. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon.

Jason and Heather